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        手机:18907284016 13907284016

        网址: www.gfe-shanghai.com

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          十堰安磊建材有限公司前身是十堰安垒工贸有限公司,成立于2005年1 2月,历经7年的市场考验在行业内已得到用户的认可并取得了很好的行业口碑,2012年2月为了更好的适应市场及服务于用户,公司进行了重组,成立了十堰安磊建材有限公司,其根本目的是进一步提升产品品质及产品多元性能,以满足建筑行业现在乃至未来更高端的市场需求,同时也为我们能更全面、更完善、更加细致周到的服务于用户奠定坚定基础。重组后的十堰安磊建材有限公司与西安建筑科技大学建立了长期的合作伙关系,共同合作研发的第三代聚羧酸系减水剂六系产品,其品质已达到国内同行业一线产品性能,各项指标都已通过了产品质量监督检验单位的严格检测,均达到国标、部标标准,部分指标甚至超出国标,部标标准。


          Shiyan AnLei building materials co,LTD,thecompany predecessor is shiyan Ann base industry&trade co,LTD,was founded in December 2005,after seven years of market tests in the industryhas been the user。s recognition and achieved very good industry reputation,February,2012 in order tobetter adapt to the market and sewice to users,corporate restructu ring,established shiyan AnLeibuilding materials co,LTD,its primary pu rpose is to fu rther improve product。s quality and multiple performance products,in order to meet the construction industry is now and in the future the higher market demand,but also for we can be mo re comp rehensive,mo re pe rfect,me remeticulous and thoughtful sewice in the user lay a firm foundation After the restructuring of shiyan AnLei building materials co,LTD And xi“an university of architecture&technology established long-te rm coope rative pa rtne rship mutual cooperation development of the fhird generation of pOlycarbOxylates water reducing agent six series products,the quality has reacheddomestic industry a line product performance all indicators have passed the product quality supervision and inspection unit of strict testing,all reach national standard,targets standard,part of the index or even exceed the nationaI standard.the standard of targets

          Relying on the suppod of scientific research institutions,the company has been committed to leading based on science and technology,for concrete construction field to D rovide morep rofessional,high quality of pOIycapb0×ylates products,to optimize the performance of the concrete in order to meet the needs of users,open pclyca rbOxyIates admixtu re apPIication of maximum potential


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